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The Byron Shire Affordable Housing Contribution Policy (AHCP) offers a framework to advocate for, facilitate, provide and manage affordable housing contributions in Byron Shire.

This policy is accompanied by Procedures to Affordable Housing Contributions, to allow for more responsive approaches, including shorter review cycles and realistic resource allocations on procedural matters.



Byron Shire Council recognises the importance of supporting accessible arts and cultural expression and activity in the Shire.

Arts and cultural activity and infrastructure are fundamental contributors to creating  flourishing communities and vibrant places.

This policy broadly outlines how Council can support arts and cultural vitality in the Byron Shire to enrich and enliven daily life. Community consultation, sector consultation and best practice theory and examples have been incorporated into the policy.


The objective of asset management is to maximise asset service delivery potential and manage related risks and costs over an asset’s entire life.

Asset management is about intervening at strategic points in an asset’s life cycle, optimising the performance of the asset and minimising the cost to maintain it.

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