Affordable Housing Contribution Scheme

An Affordable Housing Contribution Scheme is one way to generate affordable housing for our community.

The Scheme provides detail about how, where, and at what rate development contributions can be collected from landowners for affordable housing.

The Affordable Housing Contribution Scheme came into effect from January 2023, following an amendment to the Byron Local Environmental Plan LEP 2014.

Where does the Affordable Housing Contribution Scheme apply?

  • Mullumbimby
  • Bangalow
  • Byron Bay.

It will help supply affordable rental housing when that land is upzoned. 

Upzoning is a change of zone to enable residential development or a change of planning controls. For example a floor space ratio that enables greater residential density on the site.

What form will a contribution take?

The form of contribution will be determined by Council. It may include a combination of: 

  • Fit for purpose land within the development.
  • Monetary contribution.
  • Dwellings within the development.

Council’s preferred contribution form is land within the development.

Fit for purpose land is land that has been improved from a natural state and provided with urban servicing including:

  • Water.
  • Sewerage.
  • Stormwater drainage.
  • Sealed road access.

Community Housing Provider Register

We are required to hold a register of nominated community housing providers that can deliver and manage the affordable rental housing in line with this Scheme.

Council endorsed the following accredited community housing providers to be on the register:

  • Amelie Housing
  • Community Housing Ltd
  • Common Equity
  • Mission Australia
  • North Coast Community Housing
  • Wesley Mission

View the Community Housing Provider Register report to Council, 8 December 2022 meeting.