Sandhills Early Childhood Centre

Sandhills Early Childhood Centre provides long day care for children aged six weeks to five years. It is licensed to accommodate up to 59 children per day.


View our current fees and charges.  

Your out of pocket costs depend on how much child care subsidy you are eligible to receive. Please contact Centrelink to see if you are eligible and to apply for the child care subsidy.

Our fees include:

  • Professional, highly qualified and experienced educating team with longstanding commitment to Sandhills Early Childhood Centre.
  • All meals prepared on-site, following our seasonal rotating menu. We use the freshest of ingredients and cater to all family's needs.

For the children: 

  • We provide hats, sunscreen.
  • Our annual levy includes all visiting shows and events. 
  • We offer warm, nurturing and child led early years education for children six weeks to school age.

Sandhills is meeting National Quality Standards in all seven quality areas and excels at staff and family interactions. We are a Council, not for profit service, embedded in our community relationships to provide the best educational and care outcomes for all families. 


Waiting list

Childcare places are difficult to get, particularly for the six weeks to three years age group. If you are planning on returning to work after the birth of your baby, put them on the waiting list as soon as possible.

For waiting list forms and more information contact or download the Waiting List Form (PDF, 51KB).

Visit us before making a decision about whether Sandhills is the right option for your family. Call us on 02 6685 8118 to make a time when someone will be available to show you around.

About the centre

The service has four distinct environments that are designed to provide learning spaces for children. From infants and toddlers through to preschoolers. Each space is a unique setting and has its own natural outdoor spaces.

Groups of young children engage in play with their peers and are observed and guided by familiar, qualified and dedicated longstanding  staff.

It is our role to nurture and support children’s curiosity, perceptions and emotions, and develop meaningful relationships with all participants. Community grouping is encouraged across the Service, this approach to shared time together is a core component of our over arching Service Ethos.

A Sustainable Future at Sandhills

The outdoor, natural playscapes at Sandhills are delightfully in line with all natural elements. Abundant trees, garden beds, rockeries and grassed areas are a significant part of the Sandhills space.

We have two worm farms, there are gardens in each area and the children are very proud of their gardening efforts. The children also contribute to waste management at the Service by recycling paper and feeding the worms with our kitchen scraps. We have been lucky enough to have received a Grant to fund the purchases of two Sup Pods to further extend on our Sustainable practices. 

A 10,000 gallon water tank collects water from the roof for use in the washing machine and toilets. The Service has run a Water Wise education program and undertaken a waste audit.

We are excited at the opportunity to sow the seeds of sustainability in our children that may really impact on the future of our planet.