EPA licences for wastewater systems

In NSW, discharge of treated wastewater is regulated by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

The EPA issue environment protection licences (EPL) under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act).

We have four wastewater systems which operate under separate licences. The licence number for each of these is provided in the table below.

The EPLs specify discharge conditions and detail monitoring and reporting requirements for the treatment plants.

Wastewater system Environment Protection Licence No.
Byron Bay STP EPL 3404
Brunswick Valley STP EPL 13266
Bangalow STP EPL 2522
Ocean Shores EPL 784

Water and Wastewater Public Data Portal

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Water and Wastewater Public Data Portal

EPA Licence Annual Reports

Each licence requires an annual report to be submitted for the operation of the treatment plant for the preceding 12 months.