Developer contributions


Section 7.11 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979 enables Councils in New South Wales to levy contributions on a development where that development generates an increased demand on Council's services and facilities.

This is intended to ensure that the existing ratepayers are not required to meet the cost of providing for new roads, community centres, libraries, open space and recreation facilities.

Section 7.11 can also be applied to non-residential development such as retail, commercial or industrial development, to meet increased demand for car-parking, road construction or traffic management.

To implement Section 7.11, Councils must prepare a Contribution Plan. The plan identifies and costs all the works/facilities and land acquisitions necessary to meet the needs of the incoming population and calculates what contribution payment is required for each new residential lot, villa, townhouse or apartment.

See Byron Shire Developer Contributions Plan 2012 (incorporating Amendment 4)(PDF, 8MB) for information on how we collect and spend the contributions received.

Current Section 7.11/7.12 Rates Schedule

View the current developer contribution rates(PDF, 26KB)

If you have any questions regarding Council's current rates schedule, please contact Council's Development Contributions Officer on 02 6626 7000 or email your query to Make sure you include your development application number and address.

Other relevant information:

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