Local Heritage Places Grants

2019/20 Local Heritage Places Fund Focus

Byron Council established a Local Heritage Places Fund with assistance from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

Applications for this years funding have now closed and are currently being assessed. A recommendation will go to Council in November. Applicants will be notified soon after of the outcome.

The focus for the 2019-20 Local Heritage Places Grants is conservation works that enhance individual places, buildings and historic streetscapes. This includes buildings in conservation areas that will in turn promote and foster the community and visitors' appreciation of the Shire.

The aim of this project is to encourage as much positive work on heritage items in the Shire as possible.  

In the past, many grant programs were for individual buildings only.  This program will provide kick-start funding to encourage joint funding of a number of projects. In the process, it is hoped that this will engender greater interest and concern for conservation for all heritage items in the Council area.