DA Tracker

Our online development application tracking system can help you to:

  1. Track the progress of development applications (DAs) and certificates submitted.
  2. View development applications on public exhibition.
  3. Make a submission on a DA.
  4. View what applications have been determined, for example approved or refused.
  5. Search for historical applications, dating back to early 1990s, on properties.

Visit the DA Tracker

Use the buttons below to access the section of the DA Tracker website you'd like to visit. 

Once in the DA Tracker, use the pre-filtered menus to view applications that have been:

You will need to Agree to the Terms and Conditions to access our DA Tracker.

DA Tracker

Select this option to open the Tracker and search for applications or select preconfigured menus.

DA Tracker

To access applications, launch the tracker and search by:

  • Application number, for example 10.2020.1.1.
  • Application type
  • Address, suburb, or lot.

DAs on exhibition

The applications listed on exhibition have been notified and/or advertised in accordance with the Byron Shire Council's Community Participation Plan.

Public exhibition

DAs determined

The determined applications are listed on the DA Tracker to satisfy Clause 97 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2021.

DAs Determined

Use the Search function to access applications determined beyond the pre-defined menus (for example beyond the previous month).

Watch instructions on accessing the DA Tracker