Council road works program

Each year Council carries out major renewal works on our assets, such as: 

  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • Cycle ways
  • Footpaths
  • Drainage systems. 

These capital works are more than routine maintenance, and generally require significant funding and resources to complete. The capital road works program includes:

  • Major renewals
  • Construction of new infrastructure
  • Reconstruction of existing infrastructure.

Prior to each financial year, the program is reviewed and refined based on:

  • New asset condition assessment data
  • Council resolutions
  • Community requests
  • Weather impacts on schedule.

Capital road works program

The capital road works program identifies what we are planning for and aiming to deliver over the next four years and provides detail on works planned for the current financial year.

Download the Capital road works program(XLSX, 52KB)

This document is explained in the About the capital road works program information below.  

About the capital road works program

The four year capital works program includes:

  • Road reconstructions, renewals, heavy patching, reseals and gravel re-sheeting.
  • Cycle way constructions.
  • Bridges, causeways and culvert constructions and renewals.
  • Footpaths, kerbs and gutters constructions and renewals.
  • Stormwater and drainage renewals.
  • Bus stop renewals.

The table provides information about the:

  • Project type and location, for example ‘Bridges - South Arm Bridge Renewal - Brunswick Heads’.
  • Project stage.
  • Total cost.
  • Year.

Project stage definitions

Project stage Definition 
Programmed Project is programmed for future financial year and subject to inclusion within Council's approved budget. 
Project Planned Project has not yet started, but it is planned to start in current financial year. 
Project Underway Project is underway and on track.
Design Underway Design process is underway and on track.
Design Complete Design is complete but not yet ready for construction. 
Construction Planned  Project is construction ready and will commence as per works program or once contractor has been procured.  
Construction TBC Project is construction ready, however, funding is not currently allocated for construction. 
Under Construction  Project is under construction on site or commencement is imminent. 
Complete All works complete.

Total cost

The cost column provides an indicative budget for the total project expenditure. Total project cost may span multiple financial years or may change as projects are progressed through construction stages. 

Years 2 to 4 are forecast budgets amounts and are subject to change as project programs shift to ensure efficient delivery. Some projects may be brought forward and others pushed back in order to manage priorities, risk and funding changes. 

Program and budget reviews

The program and budget are reviewed on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. It is subject to ongoing change due to:

  • Changes to grant funding priorities or funds.
  • Project constraints impacting delivery dates such as environmental approvals, community engagement, land acquisitions.  
  • Project delays due to weather.
  • Budget over runs and changes to the scope of a project.

Council aims to minimise changes, meet the goals of this program and endeavour to keep the program up to date.

Capital works funding sources

Funding for capital works may come from one or more of the following sources:

  • Election Commitment Grants (ECG) - project that is funded wholly or in part  by the NSW Government Roads and Infrastructure election commitment
  • General revenue.
  • Loans.
  • Grants.
  • Developer contributions.
  • Reserves.
  • Special Rate Variation (SRV) - a project that is wholly or in part funded by our Special Rate Variation.
  • Infrastructure Renewal Reserves (Paid Parking Revenue).