How to prepare for a heatwave

Simple steps you can take to help when the weather heats up.

Learn how to stay cool, avoid risks and identify heat exhaustion and heat stroke. 

Know the risks

Heatwaves can kill. Extreme heat can be dangerous for anyone particularly:

  • People aged over 65
  • Babies and young children
  • Anyone with a medical condition that makes it difficult to regulate their body temperature. 

Get organised

Before it heats up, get prepared:

  • Can you make your home cooler?
  • Check fan and air conditioners.
  • Store medicines safely.

When the temperature heats up

  • Stay inside and keep out of the heat.
  • Wear light clothes.
  • Keep your home cool.
  • Drink plenty of water.

Know the signs of heatstroke! This includes fits, confusion and staggering. If you see someone experiencing heat stroke call 000 immediately!

For more information visit the Red Cross website