Ecological & Cultural Fire Management

photo of australian bushland with smoke from burn off and fire containment line and personnel

Fire is an ecological process that has influenced life on earth for nearly half a billion years.

Find out about ecological and cultural burning, plus register your interest in good fire management on your property. 

Cultural Burning

In the Byron Shire, Aboriginal cultural burning has shaped our open Eucalyptus and paperbark forest, grassland and heath communities.

These ecosystems provide habitat for threatened and fire-dependent species including:

  • Glossy Black Cockatoo,
  • Koala,
  • Wallum Froglet,
  • Byron Bay Donkey Orchid,
  • Vulnerable Eastern Chestnut Mouse, and
  • numerous Insectivorous Bats.

'Good Fire Sequesters Carbon' Short Film

Zero Emissions Byron's short film 'Good Fire Sequesters Carbon' documents the remarkable role of fire in the global carbon cycle, locking up carbon as charcoal into our soils, wetlands and oceanic sinks.

It shows how fire management in our remaining open-forest ecosystems can help conserve threatened species and reduce the risk of more damaging high intensity fires.  

You can watch this short film and learn more about 'good fire' on Zero Emissions Byron's website - CO2 Drawdown Episode 2: Good Fire – Zero Emissions Byron (

Register your interest

Are you a landholder in Byron Shire? Complete the form if you are interested in using ecological and cultural fire management on your property, to:

  • help conserve threatened species,
  • capture carbon, and
  • reduce the risk of damaging high intensity fires.

The information we collect in the form will be used by Byron Shire Council, Brunswick Valley Landcare and Zero Emissions Byron to:

  • assess the level of interest in ecological and cultural fire,
  • connect you with qualified cultural fire practitioners who have the skills and capacity to reinstate good fire on your property, as well as
  • seek grant funding to support bringing back good fire on groups of private properties in Byron Shire.

The form will take 5 minutes to complete.

Register your interest to reinstate Good Fire for Country