Native Plant Guides

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Want to know what native plants to plant where?

Native Species Planting Guide for Tweed and Byron Shires

Along with Tweed Shire Council, Brunswick Valley and Tweed Landcare groups, we have developed an interactive online resource - The Native Species Planting Guide for Tweed and Byron Shires.

You can use the guide to:

  • select local native species from options that meet your size, flower colour, location requirements and environmental needs (e.g. salt hardy)
  • produce a ‘personally’ selected planting list for your specific location
  • access links to images and further information.

Online Native Species Planting Guide

My Local Native Garden and Climate Resilient Landscapes

Brunswick Valley Landcare have developed 2 local guides to

  • help you design, plant and maintain your own native garden,
  • attract wildlife and
  • help adapt to climate variability.

Visit the Brunswick Valley Landcare website to download the books or collect a free copy from Council’s Administration Building in Mullumbimby. 

Trees Near Me NSW app

The Trees Near Me NSW app is for anyone interested in learning more about the native plants that grow in their local environment. It includes both current day and pre-clearing vegetation maps.

Developed by the NSW Government, the app can be used on a mobile or website.

Trees Near Me NSW app