Security Bond Payment & Refund

A security bond may be required on the certain applications to guarantee against damage to surrounding public land and infrastructure from private construction works. These applications include:

  • Development Applications
  • Complying Development Applications
  • Local Government Applications (ie. s68)
  • Roads Act Applications  

For Development Applications, the bond is paid before a Construction Certificate can be issued.

For Complying Development Applications, the bond must be paid before works can start. We recommend that the developer take photographs of all pre-existing damage to Council infrastructure showing the front of the development site and keep this record till the bond is refunded.

For other applications, it is generally before any works commence, and would be a condition of that approval.

Bond amount

  • House, new or the like with construction cost >$25,000.00 - $3,000
  • Inground pool - $3,000
  • Install a relocated dwelling or building module - $10,000
  • Other, multi-unit residential, commercial, industrial - Price on asking

There is also a non-refundable fee of $215 to cover bond administration and a site inspection.

The bond will be held until an Occupation Certificate is issued and we are satisfied the infrastructure is maintained or repaired to pre-construction state. 

Pay a security bond

Step 1.Complete the application form

Enter the project details, including the application number and site address.

Step 2.Pay the application fee

Payment options available include:

  • Credit card over the phone or at Council's Customer Service counter
  • An invoice issued for online payments

Step 3.Complete works, final inspection and bond refund

When the works have been completed you can arrange for a final inspection. If the works have been completed and an Occupation Certificate issued the bond will be returned to the original payee on request. 

Apply for a Security Bond payment

It is the responsibility of the applicant / payee to advise Council when works are completed and the security bond is due for refund. 

Request a security bond refund

Step 1.Complete the application form

You'll need to provide a copy of the Occupation Certificate and the bank account details for the original payee.

If your account details are not the Payee's, we will not process the application.

Step 2.Site inspected and assessed

Following a satisfactory inspection, the Security Bond, minus the administration/inspection fee and any additional inspection fees applicable will be refunded. Please allow for up to six weeks for bond refund.

Step 3.Bond returned (if appropriate)

The bond will be refunded to the payee whose account details provided are provided in the refund request. The payee must be the person who originally paid the Security Bond.  

Apply for a bond refund

It is the responsibility of the applicant / payee to advise Council when works are completed and the security bond is due for refund.