Tree Permits

Use this form to apply for a permit to prune or remove trees under State Environmental Planning Policy (Vegetation in non-rural areas) 2017.

Tree works that require a development application or on public land

Do not use this form for:

  • Tree works that require a development application (DA)
  • Pruning or removal of trees on public land.

You will need to lodge a DA for tree removal if you wish to remove or significantly prune:

If you wish to remove a tree or trees that have been conditioned to be retained as part of an approved Development Consent, you are required to apply for an amendment to your Development Consent.

For more information refer to Vegetation and Tree Removal.

How to apply?

Step 1.Find out if a tree permit application is required

Refer to Vegetation and Tree Removal to determine if a Tree Permit application is required.

Step 2.Complete the application form

Tree Permit Application Form(PDF, 195KB)

Step 3.Attach required documents

  1. A plan of the property showing tree/s to be removed.
  2. A description of each numbered tree/vegetation detailing the following:
    • species of tree or vegetation (common and/or botanical name)
    • number of trees
    • approximate height and diameter 
    • Other documentation as required
  3. Colour photograph/s of the tree/vegetation to assist in identification (whole tree, bark, leaves).
  4. Colour photograph/s  of the tree/vegetation that establishes context, location and position of the vegetation on the property.
  5. Details of the number and species of replacement trees.

Step 4.Pay fees

Fees are listed in Council's Fees and Charges

Payment options include cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card.