Section 307 Certificate of Compliance

Apply online for a Section 307 Certificate of Compliance.

A Section 307 certificate ensures your development or subdivision has adequate water and wastewater services.

Council or a Private Certifier will tell you if need to apply for a Section 307 Certificate of Compliance.

Usually this happens once you have submitted your Development Application and before the following can be issued:

How to apply

Step 1.Complete the online application form

You will need to pay the application fee of $192.

You must apply for a separate Section 307 Compliance Certificate for each stage of the Construction Certificate.

Apply for a Section 307 Certificate

Step 2.Council reviews application

Once reviewed we will contact you via email outlining any requirements or works you will need to complete before we can issue your certificate. 

Step 3.Complete additional works

For example:

  • Pay the Section 64 Charges.
  • Complete infrastructure works.
  • Take steps to protect Council assets, such as relocating proposed building/structure, relocating affected Council’s infrastructure on your property, or creating easements.

We can not issue a certificate until we have received the requested contribution, work or information. 

Your certificate will be valid for 12 months. After this time, you’ll need to reapply and pay your application fees again.

Step 4.Certificate issued

Once any additional works or requirements have been completed, a Section 307 Certificate under the Water Management Act 2000 will be emailed to the address provided in the form. 

Processing times vary. We will email you to update you on processing time.