Apply for a water pressure certificate

Use the online form to apply for a Water Pressure Certificate that provides an estimate of water pressure for a property.

We will perform the following at the location provided in the form.

  • A computer modelled hydraulic analysis (up to 20L/s)
  • An onsite hydrant test (up to 20L/s).

If testing above 20L/s is required please provide details in the form.

Apply online

Step 1.Complete the online application

Step 2.Council reviews application

We will review the application and arrange on-site water pressure test as well as hydraulic modelling.

Step 3.Water Pressure Certificate issued

Once works have been completed a Water Pressure Certificate will be issued by Council.

We will use the contact details provided in the form to send you a copy. 

The flow and pressure values provided in the certificate are a estimate provided by a mathematical model of the water supply system. They should not be treated as a guarantee of supply. 

The calculated hydraulic information provided in water pressure certificates is valid for 12 months from the date of the conducted test.

The values are not representative of conditions at all times of the day or season. They are subject to variables, such as:

  • proposed system augmentations
  • variations in system demands
  • changes in hydraulic operation of the network.

Developers please note that we undertake pressure and leakage management programs that may result in a reduction in water supply flow and pressure.

We cannot guarantee residual water pressure greater than 12m in Council's water supply main at the hydrant under fire fighting conditions.