Bangalow Village Plan

The Bangalow Village Plan has been prepared in consultation with the Bangalow Guidance Group, which comprises 19 community representatives and three councillors. It sets out residents’ aspirations for their village and is intended to guide its improvements and development over the next 15 years.

It aims to ensure that the things people love about Bangalow - its heritage buildings, green, leafy character, village feel, sense of community and natural environment - are preserved and enhanced into the future.

Where are we at?

The submission period for the draft Bangalow Village Plan closed on 17 December 2018. 

All submissions and feedback received during the exhibition period are currently being reviewed with the submissions and an updated Village Plan scheduled to be considered by Council for adoption in February or March 2019.  

To confirm the date that this matter will be reported, please refer to the Council meeting agenda. 

Please contact Council’s planner Luke Munro on (02) 6626 7021 or by email if you have any further questions.