Bangalow Village Plan

The Bangalow Village Plan and associated Implementation Plan have been prepared in consultation with the Bangalow Guidance Group, which comprised 19 community representatives and three councillors. It sets out residents’ aspirations for their village and is intended to guide its improvements and development over the next 15 years.

It aims to ensure that the things people love about Bangalow - its heritage buildings, green, leafy character, village feel, sense of community and natural environment - are preserved and enhanced into the future.

The Plan was adopted by Council at its 21 February 2019 meeting, following incorporation of community feedback during the exhibition period in late 2018.

View the Bangalow Village Plan(PDF, 10MB).

In conjunction with the Guidance Group, the Implementation Plan, which seeks to prioritise the initiatives of the Village Plan, was developed and endorsed by Council on 15 August 2019.

View the Implementation Plan(PDF, 3MB).  

Bangalow Planning Controls

We're working on a review of the Bangalow chapter of the Byron Shire Development Control Plan (DCP) 2014, including a structure plan for a ‘triangular’ area between the main street and the A & I Hall. The Bangalow Village Plan will be a key resource for the project.

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Bangalow Shared Path

A new shared path is set to be delivered in Deacon and Ashton Streets Bangalow thanks to Council's commitment to implementing strategic actions from our:

  • Bangalow Village Plan
  • Byron Shire Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan
  • Byron Shire Bike Plan.

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