Byron Wildlife Corridor System

The time to share your feedback has been extended until Monday 12 December 2022.

Graphic of Byron Shire Wildlife Corridor System in shades of green.

A wildlife corridor is an area that links habitats, creating a pathway for native animals to move through. These links keep plant and animal populations connected, so that they can breed, migrate, disperse seeds, and seek safety.

To give our plants and animals the best chance of thriving into the future, it’s important to know where they live and travel.

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Use the map to see where the corridors run, or to find out if you live in a wildlife corridor. Zoom in and click on a property to find out why each local wildlife corridor is important and what you can plant to help the species that use that corridor.

More information is provided in the Byron Wildlife Corridor Information Sheet and related information section. 

The time to share your feedback has been extended until Monday 12 December 2022.

Byron Wildlife Corridor map

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Download the Byron Wildlife Corridor information sheet

Byron Wildlife Corridor System Information Sheet(PDF, 371KB)

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