Check out the upgrades to Heritage Park Playground


We are upgrading the Heritage Park playground in Mullumbimby with some new equipment and an improved shelter.

These upgrades are one of the first stages of delivering the Heritage Park Masterplan.

The Playground Design and description of improvements are below. 

Feedback closed 14 April 2024. We'll update you about the next steps soon!

New play equipment

During the masterplan engagement we captured feedback from you about the existing equipment and how it only catered for younger age groups.

The proposed new equipment is aimed at improving the play experience for the 6 to 12-year-olds.

A proposed 6-meter-high climbing net offers views over the park with more challenging balancing ropes, elevated platforms and climbing features. 

There will also be more natural and repurposed materials such as boulders, logs, rocks, steppers or plants to facilitate nature-based and imaginative play. 

The existing play equipment will remain.

New family friendly shelter

The upgrades will also provide a new family friendly shelter and extra seating.

The existing table setting will remain.

Improved access and pathways

Also happening alongside this upgrade is the construction of a new accessible footpath. Construction for this is due to start in August 2024.

Take a look at the Draft Design

Heritage Park Playground Upgrade Design(PDF, 877KB)

Heritage Park Landscape Masterplan

This project is one of the first to come out of the Heritage Park Landscape Masterplan, which guides the layout and future development of the area. The plan includes new toilets within easy access from the playground, upgraded pathways and restoring vegetation.

Read more on page 34 of the Heritage Park Mullumbimby Landscape Masterplan


Heritage Park, 5 Mill Street, Mullumbimby 2482  View Map

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