Drainage maintenance and upgrades

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Details about maintaining and upgrading the drains across the Byron Shire.

In October 2022, our crews begun inspecting every drain in Mullumbimby to identify: 

  • Urgent repairs or maintenance. 
  • Any blocked underground pipe network that may need sediment removal.
  • Larger works and upgrades that need to be logged and prioritised. This work will be subject to Federal and State funding.

We are working through this as quickly as possible over the coming months.

Timetable of drainage inspection and maintenance works

  1. October and November – Mullumbimby East.
  2. November – Mullumbimby North.
  3. November and December – Mullumbimby South.

See the map below for an outline of these areas. 

Mullumbimby drainage works schedule map 950px.png

Map of drainage works completed

Stormwater Drainage works completed since 2020.

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Types of drainage works

Council has two streams of drainage works.

Immediate repairs and maintenance works 

These happen in response to things such as sediment build up, for example debris removal during times of flooding. 

Ongoing schedule of upgrades and improvements 

We also run an ongoing schedule of drainage upgrades and improvements. 

These works are mostly grant funded and require larger-scale project management over months and years.

Grant funding for upgrades to infrastructure

Council has applied for a grant from the NSW Government to fund an Overland Flow Path Study. 

This study will look beyond the flooding of creeks and rivers to the flow of floodwater across the landscape. It will assess the capacity of infrastructure in the shire, such as drains and bridges, and use this data to prioritise upgrades.

We can then seek funding to upgrade infrastructure as part of the Stormwater Capital Works program.

Drainage and floods

Urban drains are not designed to cope with the force and quantity of water that we experienced during this year’s floods. 

The sheer volume of rain meant that no drains, including stormwater or urban, were able to cope.

Report non-urgent issues with drains

Report it to Council


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