Heritage Advisory

Byron Shire Council has engaged the services of Deborah Wray as a heritage advisor. Deborah has a great deal of experience providing heritage advisory services to local government.

The role of Council's Heritage Advisor is to:

  • provide input into development applications involving heritage items
  • provide free advice to property owners on the appropriate ways to manage their heritage to protect its significance and values
  • guide Council on the distribution of heritage grants to eligible applicants
  • assist Council in developing and implementing a Heritage Strategy for the area.

The Heritage Advisory Service is provided free to all residents and property owners in the Byron Shire.

Deborah regularly visits the Council area. Appointments are made by contacting Council on 6626 7000 or email council@byron.nsw.gov.au. These appointments are best held onsite at the heritage site, but can also be conducted at Council's offices or by phone interview. 

If you are considering heritage improvements to your property, the following links to heritage consultancy directories and heritage products and services directories may be useful.