Design Excellence Panel

The Design Excellence Panel provides expert design feedback to applicants proposing community significant development predominantly within the Byron Bay town centre.

This includes:

  • consideration of design elements
  • alternative design suggestions
  • solutions to achieve design excellence.

The Panel may also be asked to review proposed changes to:

  • Local Environmental Plans
  • Development Control Plans
  • site specific Development Control Plans
  • master plans for large or major sites
  • planning proposals

The Panel provides expert advice for Council's Assessing Officer, they do not determine development applications.

Development proposals must be referred to the Design Excellence Panel prior to submitting a development application by completing the online form, including payment with the supporting documents.

Make a request to the Design Excellence Panel

Complete the online form. You will need to provide certain details and pay the Design Excellence Panel fees.

Design Excellence Panel request


The following types of development must referred to the Panel to provide advice:
  • Applications required to be assessed against State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) 65 - Design Quality of Residential Apartment Development
  • Significant developments (developments with a value of $20m )
  • New multi dwelling housing, residential flat buildings and other residential buildings (including but not limited to boarding houses, student housing and serviced apartments)
  • New mixed use developments
  • New commercial and retail buildings
  • Institutional buildings
  • Significant alterations and additions to buildings in the B1 (Neighbourhood centre), B3 (Commercial core) and B4 (Mixed Use) zones
  • Site specific development control plans, master plans for large or major sites and planning proposals.
  • Other matters deemed suitable by Council’s senior planning staff and managers.


If your development is subject to the design excellence provisions within the Byron LEP 2014, you must submit an application with the following:

  1. A concise written summary of the development proposed.
  2. A site plan of the land (to scale and with adequate dimensions).
  3. Sketch/concept plans of the development, including at a minimum site layout, floor plans and elevations. Artist's impressions and other visualisations will be looked upon favourably.


The cost of Panel meetings is at the applicant’s expense. The fees are listed with the current fees and charges.

Applications withdrawn from a scheduled Panel meeting less than 14 days before the meeting date forfeit the Panel meeting fee. A new fee is payable to attend a further meeting.