Pay a parking fine

1. Overview

Parking fines, their range and value, are set by the NSW Ministry and the Roads and Traffic Authority and apply across the State of New South Wales.

A parking infringement cannot be withdrawn by Council once it has been issued or commenced.

Pay your fine online


Visit the Revenue NSW website for more information.

2. Contest a fine

To contest a fine, see the appeals procedure which is provided on the reverse of the penalty notice, or contact Revenue NSW and include the following in your letter:

  • clear copy of the fine (marked 'penalty infringement notice' at the top)

  • identification number displayed on the meter

  • date and time you attempted to use the meter

  • brief description of the problem you encountered

  • reference number supplied by the parking meter customer service centre (if available).

Conducting this process through Revenue NSW prevents any potential conflict of interest with Council and staff.