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Use the PayStay app to pay for metered parking in Byron Bay, plus search for parking by time restriction and location.  

How do I use PayStay?

Park in a PayStay zone

  • Open the PayStay app or call 1300 322 111
  • select or enter your vehicle registration.
  • enter the 8 digit parking zone number displayed on the parking signs.  
  • start the Parking Session.

Finished parking

  • Open the PayStay app or call 1300 322 111
  • stop the Parking Session

Watch the video for more information


Trouble viewing? Watch PayStay Pay-by-phone instructional video on YouTube. 

Tips for using PayStay

Remember to keep the following in mind:

  • Time restrictions begin when you park the car, not from when you start your PayStay session.
  • If you wish to park for longer than the time on the sign (for example, more than two hours in a ‘2P’ area), you must first move your vehicle to a new parking area.
  • You can elect to receive an SMS reminder when your session is due to expire. Fees do apply. To set your preferences and turn off reminders, go to Vehicle & Card Details in the app. Refer to PayStay Fees Guide (PDF 141KB) for more details.
  • Parking sessions are only valid if your vehicle registration and zone number are correct. Take a second to check you’ve selected the correct details. Be careful not mix up the letter ‘O’ for a zero in your vehicle registration!
  • If your handset isn’t working, use the parking meter instead.