Lot 22 Mullumbimby - Future housing

Council is proposing to rezone and reclassify part of Council-owned land at Lot 22 (DP 1073165) Stuart Street, Mullumbimby to provide for additional residential development. 

Lot 22 is an irregular shaped lot, located on the south-western edge of Mullumbimby township, that is split by the railway line and has part of its boundary to Saltwater Creek. Lot 22 includes the Mullumbimby community gardens (however this area is not proposed to be rezoned) and has a total area of approximately 29.2 hectares.  Approximately half of the lot is affected by zone changes in the planning proposal, with the rest to be left unchanged.  

The proposal also includes changes that reclassify part of the lot from 'community' to 'operational'. This means that the land could be used for housing in the future. A new residential zone and housing diversity clause is proposed to ensure the site would have a range of different dwelling types and lot sizes.  A key objective of the proposal is to deliver a wider range of housing choices, and to provide a 30% affordable housing allocation to help meet the needs of our community. 

A previous version of the planning proposal was approved for community consultation by the NSW Department of Planning & Environment.  The proposal was placed on public exhibition and submissions were considered by Council at the 11 April 2019 Planning Meeting. Council resolved to prepare a further flood study and a structure plan for Lot 22 and the three surrounding properties that make up the Saltwater Creek Precinct (Our Mullumbimby Masterplan), and to consider the future of the planning proposal once the studies were completed. 

These studies have now been completed.  The outcome of the studies and necessary changes to the planning proposal were considered by Council at the 19 November 2020 Planning meeting.  Council resolved to amend the planning proposal ahead of a new public exhibition.

View the 19 November 2020 Council Report.(PDF, 933KB)  

The amended planning proposal and supporting documentation is currently being prepared for submission to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment and will be available on Council’s website in the coming weeks.  If the State Government supports the proposal, Council will then proceed with community consultation and public exhibition.