Additional Supporting Information

Ordinary Council Meeting - 20 September 2018

PLANNING - Development Application 10.2018.233.1 Mobile Telecommunications Facility including 35 metre Monopole, Six (6) antennae and ancillary equipment at Wilsons Creek Road, Wilsons Creek

Attachment to Report - Submissions Received(PDF, 341MB)  

Planning Council Meeting - 20 June 2019

Additional submissions to InfoCouncil report #2019/533 (revised version of Attachment 4)

 Combined-Public-Submissions-Report-draft-Byron-Shire-Employment-Lands-Strategy_as-Revised-17Jun19.pdf(PDF, 29MB)

Ordinary Council Meeting - 22 August 2019

Additional submissions to item 13.22 following deferral of item at the 20 June Planning Meeting (Resolution 19-282)

Letter of Support Brunswick Heads Surf Club Redevelopment(PDF, 563KB)

Late Submission Brunswick Heads Surf Club Redevelopment(PDF, 18KB)

Planning Meeting -21 November 2019

Additional submissions to item 13.5  

PLANNING - Development Application 10.2019.301.1 demolition of existing dwelling house and construction of two (2) new dwellings and two (2) swimming pools to create dual occupancy (detached) at 16 Short Street Brunswick Heads

Link to submissions(PDF, 35MB)

Submissions Report(PDF, 186KB)

Ordinary and Planning Meeting - 12 December 2019

Submissions to 10.2019.458.1 

PLANNING - Development Application 10.2019.458.1 Multi Dwelling Housing Comprising Eight (8) Dwellings at 6 Julian Rocks Drive Byron Bay

Link to submissions(PDF, 64MB)