Additional Supporting Information

Ordinary Council Meeting - 20 September 2018

PLANNING - Development Application 10.2018.233.1 Mobile Telecommunications Facility including 35 metre Monopole, Six (6) antennae and ancillary equipment at Wilsons Creek Road, Wilsons Creek

Attachment to Report - Submissions Received(PDF, 341MB)  

Planning Council Meeting - 20 June 2019

Additional submissions to InfoCouncil report #2019/533 (revised version of Attachment 4)

 Combined-Public-Submissions-Report-draft-Byron-Shire-Employment-Lands-Strategy_as-Revised-17Jun19.pdf(PDF, 29MB)

Ordinary Council Meeting - 22 August 2019

Additional submissions to item 13.22 following deferral of item at the 20 June Planning Meeting (Resolution 19-282)

Letter of Support Brunswick Heads Surf Club Redevelopment(PDF, 563KB)

Late Submission Brunswick Heads Surf Club Redevelopment(PDF, 18KB)