Integrated planning

Our Byron Our Future: Draft Community Strategic Plan 2028 

Council is reviewing its current Community Strategic Plan 2027.  Our new draft document, Our Byron, Our Future(PDF, 4MB), sets out our aspirations for the next ten years to 2028. It is a whole-of-Byron Shire document which has been developed following in-depth community engagement to understand our collective vision, aspirations and priorities.

The draft Community Strategic Plan(PDF, 4MB) was presented to the community for feedback during February and March before being adopted by Council in May 2018.

For more information on the consultation process see the Engagement Outcomes Report(PDF, 4MB).

Submissions are now closed.

Council's current Integrated Planning and Reporting documents took effect on 1 July 2017.  These documents bring together Council’s various strategies, plans and budgets to provide services and infrastructure, and to ensure future sustainability.

Annual Report

The Annual Report(PDF, 4MB) provides information about Council's achievements in implementing the Delivery Program and the effectiveness of the principal activities undertaken in achieving the objectives in the Community Strategic Plan.

End of Term Report

Council's End of Term Report(PDF, 7MB) provides information on Council's progress in implementing the Community Strategic Plan over the previous four years. This report looks at what the results have been for the community and Council as a result of the activities undertaken. 

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