Community survey

Council conducts a Community Survey every 2 years. 

A representative group of 400 residents are randomly chosen to provide their views about how important a broad range of Council services are and how satisfied they are with them. Participants are also asked to identify pressing issues and provide feedback on their experiences with contacting Council. The survey is random and representative so it provides valuable information to Council about resident's levels of satisfaction with key services.  

2020 Survey

The surveying is now complete and a report on the results will be available shortly.

2018 Snapshot

View the 2018 Community Survey Report(PDF, 1MB)

  • 64% of residents were at least somewhat satisfied to very satisfied with Council's overall performance - down from 69% in 2016.
  • Residents were most with Water Supply services
  • Residents were least satisfied with Local Roads
  • 68% of residents who had recently contacted Council recent were at least somewhat to very satisfied with the way their contact was handled.

 The results: 

  • Show satisfaction with Council's overall performance was lower in 2018, meaning Council has work to do. The report contains recommendations covering priority areas.
  • Confirm that Byron Shire is faced with issues that are more common in metropolitan, not regional, council areas like affordability and availability of housing and managing population growth, over-development and high numbers of tourists .
  • Show that the increased level of information Council has been providing is helping better explain some of the challenges this Shire faces.
  • Again show that Byron Shire residents are engaged, with nearly half of the surveyed residents nominating to receive information on the survey outcomes.

Priority Issues 

The three highest priority issues for future planning for the Shire were: 

  • Condition and maintenance of roads - 18%
  • Affordability/Availability of housing - 15%
  • Managing population growth - 14%. 

The order has changed since 2016 but the issues have remained the same. 

The three most important services for residents were: 

  • Local Roads
  • Planning for the Future 
  • Recycling Services

The three services residents were most satisfied with were: 

  • Water Supply  
  • Libraries
  • Garbage Collection

The three services residents were least satisfied with were: 

  • Local Roads
  • Affordable Housing 
  • Public Transport 

Research objectives

Council does this research to: 

  • Get a snapshot, at a point in time, about residents’ levels of satisfaction with Council’s performance
  • Use that to better understand residents’ views about the levels of importance of different services
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Report to the community on levels of satisfaction with Council services

A research company independently conducts this research and reports on results.