Community Survey

2018 Community Survey

Council has started the 2018 Community Survey and is keen for your feedback.

Around 400 residents will be phoned over the coming weeks and asked about community needs and customer satisfaction on a broad range of services issues and current experiences. 

It's a great opportunity for residents to let us know where we are doing well and where we can improve. 

Residents will be telephoned randomly, using landline and mobile numbers, and we are aiming to get a good representation from across the Shire and all age groups from 14 year olds up. 

If you get a phone call from our appointed contractor, Micromex Research, we'd appreciate if you could take some time to answer their questions. 

Results from the survey will be compared to a similar survey that was done in 2016 to help determine changing needs and views and the findings will be made available to the community. 

The 2016 survey supported the need for Council to invest in upgraded community infrastructure. So Council developed a strong focus and commitment to continually looking at ways to improve our financial position and channel additional funding back into fixing our roads.  The recently adopted budget includes more than $62 Million for capital works projects for roads, bridges, drainage, open space and recreation, community facilities, water and sewerage works. 

2016 Community Survey Findings

  • 69% of residents were 'somewhat satisfied' with Council performance
  • Residents were most satisfied with garbage and recycling services
  • Residents were least satisfied with local roads

The top three most important issues for residents were:

  • Managing population growth (18%)
  • Affordable housing (16%)
  • Condition and maintenance of roads (15%). 

Research objectives

Council does this research to: 

  • measure  residents’ levels of satisfaction with Council’s performance
  • understand residents’ views about the levels of importance of different services
  • identify opportunities for improvement
  • report to community on levels of satisfaction with Council services

A research company independently conducts this research and reports on results.