Pet microchipping and registration

Dog and cat

Getting your pet microchipped and registered is part of being a responsible pet owner.


Microchipping is compulsory in NSW. All cats and dogs are required to be microchipped prior to being registered.

  • Animals are to be microchipped by 12 weeks of age, at a point of sale or change of ownership (whichever occurs first).
  • Microchipping is carried out by a vet and is painless. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is usually implanted between the shoulders of the animal.
  • Microchipping enables vets and other animal workers to reunite pets with their owners. The microchip can be scanned to reveal all of the owners information supplied at the time of microchipping.
  • If you change any of your details, it is important that you advise Council so amendments can be made to your pets microchipping details.


Registration can be completed online or at any NSW local council. Registration fees apply.

Register your pet

It is important you keep the registration details up to date should you move house, change contact details, sell or give away your pet.

It is recommended you create an owner profile with the NSW Pet Registry. The register allows you to:

  • update your contact details
  • report your pet missing
  • change the ownership of pets online