The Lighthouse sculpture

The decision to decommission and remove The Lighthouse sculpture (on the Bayshore Drive roundabout in Byron Bay) was made at a Council meeting on 22 August 2019.   

The sculpture was decommissioned on 18 September 2019.

A staff report to the Council meeting outlined several incidents of people climbing the sculpture, attaching stuffed toys and flags and taking photographs in the centre of the roundabout over recent months.

The sculpture was not designed to be climbed and, because of the height and location of the artwork, there were real concerns about the potential for serious personal injury as well as the risk of compromising the structural integrity of the installation.

The Lighthouse sculpture birds are for sale

As part of the decommissioning process, Council resolved that the birds that feature in the sculpture should be individually sold.

When they have been detached from the sculpture, undamaged birds will be able to be purchased for $20 each through the Myocum Resource Recovery Centre.

Registrations for the purchase of bids has now closed. We received almost 1500 submissions. Those who have registered will be contacted directly about the next steps.


Project history

How did this project come about and how was it funded?  See our background information.  


26 April 2018:  Bayshore Drive Roundbaout Public Art sub-committee formed.

14 June - 13 July 2018: Expression of Interest advertised.  Nine applications were received, 3 progressed to concept development stage.

3 August 2018: Concepts were assessed by the whole Public Art Panel. The PAP developed a recommendation to Council to appoint an artist.

23 August 2018: Council appointed an artist for the project.

20 December 2018: Sculpture installed.

22 August 2019: Council resolved to decommission and dismantle The Lighthouse sculpture.

19 September 2019:  Sculpture decommissioned.