Byron Bay Masterplan

The Byron Bay Town Centre Masterplan presents a vision and strategy to guide the future of Byron's town centre, and to set out realistic actions and projects to achieve that vision. It outlines a delivery time frame of 20 years, including short, medium and long-term priorities for the future of Byron.

The vision for the Byron Bay Town Centre Masterplan is to "connect the centre of Byron Bay with the spirit of the community". Through flexible and responsive strategies, the Masterplan will have the capacity to evolve as the needs of the community change into the future.

 Read the Byron Bay Masterplan(PDF, 24MB)

Council is rolling out projects that deliver on the Masterplan's short-term priorities. The Byron Masterplan Guidance Group, comprising 22 passionate and knowledgeable community members, is working with the Council to ensure that projects align with the values of the Byron community.

Minutes of the Byron Masterplan Guidance Group:

 Guidance Group minutes 23 May 2018(PDF, 75KB)

Guidance Group minutes 10 July 2018(PDF, 125KB)

Guidance Group minutes 12 September 2018(PDF, 36KB)

Guidance Group minutes 31 October 2018(PDF, 32KB)

Guidance Group minutes 6 February 2019(PDF, 36KB)

Guidance Group minutes 6 March 2019(PDF, 34KB)

Guidance Group minutes 1 May 2019(PDF, 51KB)

Expressions of Interest

The Byron Masterplan Guidance Group called for Expressions of Interest for new members, with a specific focus on youth and environmental representatives. 

Six new members were appointed by Council in September 2018. Expressions of Interest will open again if / when existing members vacate their position.

Current projects:

- Railway Park upgrade

- Byron Bay bus interchange

- Jonson Street protection works upgrade to begin in 2018

- Town Centre Planning Controls Review

- Sandhills Estate Skate Park and Recreation Hub


Place Manager - Byron Bay