Protecting the heritage of Federal Village

Feedback closed 28 November

Image of a heritage house in Federal

Federal Village is one of the earliest settlements in the Byron Shire.

To protect its special character, we are considering making parts of the Federal Village a Heritage Conservation Area.

To do this we first need to conduct a heritage assessment of the area. 

The Federal Village Heritage Assessment looks at the heritage values and merits of a Heritage Conservation Area. 

The report also assesses individual listing items that are outside of the proposed Heritage Conservation Area.

Heritage Advisory Committee recommendations

The Heritage Advisory Committee recently reviewed a report and presentation.

The committee requested further consultation with residents and owners of properties considered as:

  • Individual items
  • Contributory items
  • Within the Heritage Conservation Area.

View the assessment report and presentation

Feedback closed 28 November 2023.

Your feedback will inform a report to Council. Once endorsed, we will move forward with an Amendment to the Local Environmental Plan 2014 Schedule 5.

Further information

Federal Village Masterplan

During the development of the Federal Village Masterplan, the community expressed a desire to preserve the built heritage and rural character of the village.

An action from the Federal Masterplan was to conduct a heritage assessment of the area. This will help inform whether or not a Heritage Conservation Area is established.  

What is a 'Heritage Conservation Area'?

The purpose of a Heritage Conservation Area (HCA) is to protect the significance and setting of the precinct:

  • the streetscapes,
  • contributory buildings,
  • leafy road reserves,
  • open spaces,
  • landscape, and
  • views.

It provides a basis to manage change in a way that retains those values.

It is not about no development, but about the type and scale of development that is appropriate to maintain those values into the future. 

What is a 'Heritage Item'?

Heritage Items are places which have identified heritage values, and which are managed by formal planning policies. Sympathetic development is permissible provided it retains those heritage values.

In NSW, development applications are required to:

  • carry out demolition,
  • construct new buildings,
  • renovate existing buildings (including constructing extensions, swimming pools and shopfronts), and
  • also, in instances of some changes of use, regardless of heritage listing or Heritage Conservation Area status.

Because Federal lies in a water-catchment zone, all development in the area already requires development approval.


What approvals will I need for my heritage property?

If you have a property that is a Heritage Item or within Heritage Conservation Areas, you will need approval before doing some works. 

These are typically replacement or rectification works that would be considered exempt development if the site was not a local heritage item or in a heritage conservation area, and include:

  • like for like repair of a malfunctioning window
  • replacing rusty gutters and downpipes to match original details
  • restoring a front verandah.

View the Heritage Development Exemption Request service