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Rates Calculator

This rates calculator has been created to give ratepayers an indication of ordinary land rates (general rate) they will pay for the 2016/17 rating year.  

The Ordinary Rate is calculated by multiplying your land value by a rate in the dollar applicable to the rating category of your property.  A minimum rate of $695.00 will be payable.

It should be noted that the ordinary rate does not include annual fixed charges for Council services such as water supply, sewer supply or waste services.

To calculate the amount of your 2016/17 ordinary land rate, please enter the required information below and click the Calculate button.

Your rating category is displayed on your annual rate notice issued in July of each year. There are only 4 rating categories from which to choose.
Your new land valuation (base date 01/07/2015) was supplied to you by the Valuer General in January 2016 in a document titled 'Notice of Land Valuation'. Your rateable land valuation is also printed on your July Rates Notice.