Getting rid of single-use packaging in the Shire

Feedback closed 28 November

Single use packaging and materials

Single-use and takeaway packaging makes up 40% of the litter found in our environment.

Have your say on the Single-use Packaging and Materials Policy, which will help us to phase out this unnecessary waste.

Why do we need a Single-use Packaging and Materials Policy?

The Single-use Packaging and Materials Policy will help us to phase out unnecessary waste from our operations, facilities and open spaces. 

The Single-use Packaging and Materials Policy aims to:

  • Reduce plastic pollution and litter on our beaches and open spaces.
  • Reduce carbon emissions in making, moving and disposing.
  • Minimise landfill. 
  • Preserve natural resources.

The policy will be supported with guidelines, resources and investment in the necessary infrastructure to drive a switch from single-use to reusable alternatives. 

Having a Policy allows us as a community to show leadership and reduce our environmental impact.

What is single-use 

Single-use packaging and materials are designed to be ‘thrown away’ or disposed of after a short period of time.

These products are created without considering what happens to them at the “end of life” or the resources required to manufacture them in the first place.

This includes single-use materials described as recyclable, compostable or biodegradable.

Have your say

Feedback closed 28 November 2023.

You can still read the draft Single-use Packaging and Materials Policy(PDF, 338KB)  

Next steps

We will review your feedback and include it in a report to Council in December.

Once the policy is adopted by Council we will work closely with individuals and groups to make the switch to reusable alternatives.

The Policy will apply to:

  • Council staff and Councillors
  • Council Committees and volunteers such as community hall volunteers
  • Councils sponsored or funded events.
  • Events and markets on Council land and facilities.
  • Individuals and groups that hold a lease or licence in Council buildings.
  • Sporting groups using Council facilities.


We have identified a list of single-use items that will not be able to be procured, used, sold or distributed at Council facilities. These items have reusable alternatives.

  • All Plastic Bags 
  • Straws
  • Plates, bowls & platters 
  • Drink stirrer 
  • Polystyrene Tableware, drinkware and packaging 
  • Cutlery 
  • Bottled water* 
  • Drinkware ( cups) 
  • Coffee cups and lids 
  • Accessory foodware items eg. Individually wrapped sugar, coffee, tea bags containing plastic, salt & pepper, soy sauce, other sauces and condiments, individual portioned spreads or cup sleeves 
  • Cling film / plastic wrap 
  • Promotional materials and merchandise - Plastic items not designed to be durable and / or reusable. 
  • Supply of individually wrapped confectionary Eg. Chocolate bars, ice creams, lollies As part of Council operations, workshops or events. 
  • Masks  No supply of single use disposable (does not include P2, P3) 
  • Coffee Pods 
  • Balloons All types including helium and water balloons 
  • Decorations Glitter, confetti, tinsel, party poppers, streamers, glow sticks.