Suffolk Park Pump Track

  • Project typeRecreation facility
  • Project value$506,300
  • Project scheduleMarch 2021 to June 2021
  • Contractor nameWorld Trail Pty Ltd
Example of a Pump Track.jpg

The Suffolk Park pump track is planned for the north-west corner of Linda Vidler Park (Suffolk Park Recreation Ground.

A pump track is an asphalt circuit of rollers, banked turns and features designed for bicycles, scooters, skateboards and even wheelchairs.  Instead of pedalling, riders generate momentum by up and down body movements or 'pumping'.

The pump track will be:

  • designed to meet the needs of the community including landscaping with areas to sit and watch the fun
  • suitable for all ages and skill levels.


The pump track is jointly funded by:

  • Suffolk Park Progress Association - $156,300 from the NSW Government My Community Projects fund
  • Council - $350,000

Linda Vidler Park Masterplan

Council is developing a masterplan for Linda Vidler Park which includes the community garden, skatepark, sports field and the pump track.

The aim is for this community asset to provide recreational opportunities for people of all ages.

Council will be improving the drainage on the site to allow areas that are currently boggy to be better utilised and the plan is to include water harvesting for the community gardens.

View the designs

View the proposed design and an image showing the extent of the Suffolk Park pump track within Linda Vidler Park. Select an image to view in full screen.