Major road upgrades Ocean Shores

  • Project typeNSW Government’s Fixing Local Roads program - Round 2
  • Project value$3 Million
  • Project scheduleRoadworks will start in Ocean Shores mid-year
  • Completion Date31 December 2021

More than $3m will be spent on major upgrades on roads across Ocean Shores this year, thanks to funding from the NSW Government’s Fixing Local Roads, Round 2, program. 

The program will include kerb repairs, heavy patching, asphalt resurfacing, and line-marking of:

  • 29 roads in Ocean Shores
  • 1 in New Brighton 
  • 1 in South Golden Beach.  

Roads included in the upgrade program

Suburb Road names 

New Brighton

The Esplanade

Ocean Shores
  • Aldinga Court
  • Binya Place
  • Bobra Glen
  • Boondoon Crescent
  • Ceron Court
  • Colli Close
  • Coonawarra Court
  • Dandaloo Way
  • Gahwang Court
  • Gara Court
  • Gibingbell Close
  • Inderwong Avenue
  • Kanandah Court
  • Kiah Close
  • Kiyung Court
  • Miram Place
  • Murumba Close
  • Namoi Glen
  • Narrogal Court
  • Nelshaby Court
  • Reka Way
  • Tathra Glen
  • Tindarra Avenue     
  • Tongarra Drive
  • Tongarra Drive
  • Walgooan Way
  • Warrambool Road
  • Warrambool Road
  • Wattar Court
  • Yungarup Place 

South Golden Beach

Redgate Road

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