Love water - Save water

Follow these water saving savings tips to reduce your water usage. Keep reading to find out how to monitor your water usage?

  1. Fix the drips - a dripping tap can lose 1.3L of water per hour!
  2. Load up the dishwasher - Only run your dishwasher when fully loaded.
  3. Load up the laundry - Only run your washing machine when essential (or running out of undies).
  4. Re-use water - Where possible, find ways to re-use your household grey water outdoors, including watering plants.
  5. Install a tank
  6. Take shorter showers - Keep your showers under 3 minutes. Try a playlist and get the job done before the end of the song.
  7. Turn the taps off when brushing teeth.
  8. Use the half flush - Use your toilet flush sparingly. Try the half flush for poo.

Want to monitor your water usage?

  1. Find your water meter and take a reading.
  2. Take another reading the following morning.
  3. Subtract the last reading from the first reading to find your daily use.
  4. If there are multiple people in your household, divide the result by the number of householders for your per person average.