Former South Byron Sewage Treatment Plant remediation

  • Project typeRemediation works
  • Project scheduleJan 2017 to 28 February 2022
  • Completion Date28 February 2022

The former South Byron Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) operated from 1972 until it was decommissioned in 2005, when the West Byron STP started operating. Before this, the site hosted night cart operations from 1909.

In March 2019, we started remediation at this site (Stage 2A). We are underway with Stage 2B remediation works. The works are expected to be finished by 28 February 2022. 

Remediation works

Stage 2A works - Night soil area remediation

These works were completed in 2019.

Stage 2B Works – Remaining remediation

The following contaminants remain on the site:

  • glass
  • rags
  • building rubble
  • small amounts of asbestos fragments.

These are classified as ‘inert’ meaning they will not migrate through soils.

Site plan 


Creating a capped berm or embankment

Council, in consultation with an Environmental consultant and a EPA-accredited Contaminated Site Auditor, have looked at a number of remediation options and decided on creating a capped berm (embankment) along the southern and western corner of the site.

Contaminated soils will be contained in the berm which will be lined with geofabric  and then capped with clean soil.

The berm will be integrated into the existing landscape and revegetated with native species. This provides the added benefit of providing habitat connectivity from the north of the site through to Tallow Creek.

The remainder of the remediated site will be grassed until Council decides on its future use.  

The remediation is being undertaken in accordance with the: