Water and sewer charges

A usage charge applies to all properties connected to Council water supply and sewer services system.

Usage is recorded through a meter connected to the property.


  • All water used by residential properties will be charged at a rate of $2.88 per kl (1,000 litres).
  • From 2020/2021 residential customers will no longer pay a volumetric based Sewer Usage Charge. They will only pay a flat fixed charge. For more information visit Changes to residential wastewater charges

Pension rebates

  • Ratepayers who are eligible pensioners may be entitled to a concession off the water usage charges. This rebate is mainly taken from the water fixed charge, which is levied on your rates and charges notice.


  • Non-residential properties are charged at the rate of $2.88 for all water used.
  • From 2020/21 non-residential sewerage usage is charged for all water recorded through the meter as a rate of $2.88 per kL (1,000 litres)
  • Non-residential sewerage usage is calculated using the Sewer Discharge Factor which applies to the property. The discharge factor is applied to the total water usage and reflects the percentage of water which is discharged into the sewerage system.

Liquid trade waste 

  • The liquid trade waste usage charge is $2.34. 
  • Liquid trade waste is calculated using the Liquid Trade Waste Discharge Factor applicable to the property applied to the total water usage.

Water meter accessibility

Please ensure that the water meter on your property is easy to access and not overgrown with plants or behind a locked gate.

If your water meter is not easily accessed due to fences, locked gates or the presence of dogs, please contact Council to arrange alternative access or to discuss remote reading options.

If the meter cannot be found or read, usage charges may be averaged based on previous meter readings. The owner may also be charged an estimate read fee and may be liable for costs incurred if Council is required to clear the meter