Waste education programs

1. Lift the Lid - Kerbside bin audit program

As part of the regional #RecycleRight Campaign, we have expanded our Lift the Lid Audit Program where kerbside recycling and organics bins are visually checked for incorrect items.

Lift the lid audits are designed to:

  • provide direct education and feedback to residents who may need extra help to recycle right
  • provide direct communication to residents who may not have seen our recent #recycleright media campaign
  • help us evaluate the performance of our waste programs and services so we can continue to improve them.

If your bin is:

  • not contaminated - well done! We will put a Recycle Right education pack in your mailbox
  • minor contamination  - we will put a tag on your bin to let you know which items are incorrect and a Recycle Right education pack in your mailbox
  • grossly contaminated - we will put a tag on your bin and it won't be emptied. You will need to phone our Resource Recovery Hotline on 1300 652 625 within 24 hours to discuss and arrange a re-collection.

It's really important that we all do our bit to recycle right, because even a small amount of contamination can send an entire truck load of recycling or organics to landfill, which has significant environmental and financial impacts.

2. Bin Trim program

You can reduce your business waste through a free waste assessment to help you identify simple actions and innovative solutions.

Small or medium sized businesses may be eligible for a free waste assessment through the NSW EPA’s Bin Trim program.

Program objectives

The program is designed to:

  • reduce your waste disposal costs
  • save money on bin collection services
  • increase the efficiency of your business
  • help access further grants
  • reduce your impact on the environment

The data is entered into the bin trim tool and will produce: 

  • a profile of your businesses current waste and recycling practices
  • a tailored action plan to reduce your waste
  • advice about reducing, re-using and recycling for your business 

You can select from four local assessment providers to help you with your business waste audit in the Byron Shire.

1. Richmond Waste - 02 6621 7431

2.Cool Planet - Colin George 1300 687 888  

3. Cleanaway - 13 13 39 

3. Love Food Hate Waste

We are a partner of The Love Food Hate Waste program.

Together with our regional waste education coordinators, North East Waste, we support households and businesses to reduce their food waste through better meal plans, smarter shopping and more effective food storage.

Love Food Hate Waste aims to raise awareness about the environmental, economic and social impacts of food waste in NSW and reduce the amount of good food being sent to landfill.

The program is run by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and delivered in partnership with NSW businesses, not-for-profit organisations, local councils and community groups who share a commitment to reducing food waste.

4. Waste Wise Schools Challenge

Our Waste Wise Schools Challenge is a free program open to all local primary schools and involves a number of interactive learning activities designed to teach students about the importance of sustainable waste management practices at school and at home. 

The aim of the Challenge is to complete all of the activities below and demonstrate your school's waste wise achievements by creating and submitting a short film.

What's involved?

1. Complete a waste audit and develop a waste reduction action plan with Council's Waste Education Officer.

2. Excursion to Lismore's Recycling and Recovery Centre to see what happens to your waste, recycling and organics.

3. Host a Waste Wise School Tour - do a follow up waste audit and show us what your school has achieved throughout the school year. 

4. Create a short film - demonstrate your achievements and show us why you should be the Challenge winners. 

5. Make a recycled sculpture. 

Why should your school get involved?

  • Empower students to take positive action for good waste management through experiential learning.
  • It’s fun, creative and there are great prizes to be won!
  • See first hand what happens to our organic, recyclable and landfill waste with an excursion to the Lismore recycling facility.
  • The Program aligns with the school curriculum so it is relevant to your classroom learning.
  • Excellent leadership opportunities for older students to educate younger students.
  • There are only 1-2 activities per term so it’s manageable with other priorities.

5. Home composting and worm farming

Composting and worm farming are easy and environmentally friendly ways to recycle your household food scraps and to prevent this valuable resource form going to landfill. Take a few minutes to watch these videos and find out how easy it is to set up and manage your own system. The best part is you can produce an amazing product to use on your garden!

We sell compost bins and worm farms (that are featured in the videos) at the Byron Resource Recovery Centre:

  •  220 litre on ground home compost bin - $52
  • Worm farm - $66


6. Plastic Free Byron - Make the Switch

We have partnered with Plastic Free Byron and The Boomerang Alliance to reduce single-use plastics in Byron Shire through our Make the Switch Program.


What is make the Switch?

Make the Switch is a community project to reduce Byron's plastic footprint. Our focus is working directly with food businesses and the community to help them switch to more sustainable packaging options.

We are aiming for a reduction - leading to elimination - of the top six single-use plastic items found in the litter stream: water bottles, straws, coffee cups, takeaway containers, foodware and plastic bags. 

All of these items have reusable or compostable alternatives, our job is to work with businesses to show them what the alternatives are and how they can easily access them. 

How does the program work?

Joining is easy and it's free for any food business, event and market in the Byron Shire. Once you have joined, the team will get in contact with you to help you remove the six key single-use plastic items. The program is hands on and the team will work directly with every member. 

We recognise and promote all members and their achievements and those who complete all identified actions become "Plastic Free Champions.'

Individuals can also sign up, support the business members and reduce their own plastic footprint.

Sign up on the Plastic Free Byron website today

What are the benefits?

  • Access to information and resources.
  • Access to our team who can work directly with you to identify the right actions and alternative products. 
  • A listing on the Plastic Free Byron website and direct promotion to the community.
  • Access to material to display to your customers to let them know about the great changes you have made.
  • Opportunities for free promotion on Plastic Free Byron's social media channels, and through our partner networks.

7. Take 3 for the Sea Byron 

 Take 3 for the sea Byron logo.jpg

Take 3 for Byron is all about taking action and leveraging the positive power of over two million visitors alongside our community to preserve Byron’s natural beauty through a simple action.

Simply, Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave our beaches, waterways or natural spaces and you have made a difference.

Byron Shire Council has a litter reduction target of 40 per cent in volume of litter by the end of 2020. The Take 3 for Byron program aims to help Council achieve this target by asking visitors to the area and the community to Take 3 for Byron.   

How do I get involved? 

Simply Take 3! To find out more about how you can get involved see the Take 3 for Byron website.