Towards Zero – Draft Integrated Waste Strategy 2019 to 2029

Towards Zero - Byron Shire’s Integrated Waste & Resource Recovery Strategy 2019-2029 is a document that steps out our 10-year plan to transition to a Shire that is carbon neutral by 2025 and sending zero waste to landfill.  It's a big aspiration!

The draft Strategy was open for feedback in early 2020 and will soon be taken to Council for endorsement.

Download the Draft-Towards-Zero_Byron-Shires-Integrated-Waste-Management-and-Resource-Recovery-Strategy.pdf(PDF, 8MB)

Our vision

Our vision is to support a land-fill free, net zero carbon Shire by:

  • Working with the community to reduce waste, reuse and recycle
  • Finding solutions to recover, treat and dispose of waste
  • Working with business and the tourism industry to reduce waste to landfill
  • Lobbying for State and Federal Government action to reduce waste and improve disposal methods.

High tech waste solutions - alternative waste treatments

Towards Zero - Byron Shire’s Integrated Waste & Resource Recovery Strategy 2019-2029 looks at best practice technology to deal with residual waste.  We can no longer expect to put it in a hole in the ground and cover it up.  This technology, or land fill reduction solutions are called alternative waste technologies (AWT).  

Examples of AWT are combustion plants and gasification. These processes are highly controlled and sophisticated and designed for superior environmental outcomes often resulting in the production of energy. This process is called waste to energy.

Waste to Energy - W2E

Converting our waste to energy is a key component of Towards Zero - Byron Shire’s Integrated Waste & Resource Recovery Strategy 2019-2029.  It is important to understand that this does not mean burning rubbish and releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere.  

Waste to Energy technology is designed to maximise environmental benefits, by disposing of waste and as a part of that process, converting it to energy which could generate electricity for our homes and businesses.  It's the ultimate in recycling.

Waste management - a regional solution

Historically in regional areas like the Northern Rivers waste management has been the responsibility of individual councils.  As technology advances, the availability of land fills reduces and community demands for environmentally-friendly and sustainable outcomes grow,  Councils like Byron are looking for a regional solution. 

The cost of investing in cutting edge technology is beyond the reach of small councils like Byron Shire.  Additionally, we do not generate enough waste to 'feed' a new processing facility.  We need our neighbours and we are working with other Northern Rivers councils and potentially those on the mid-north coast to determine what a regional facility might look like.

This is a long-term project.