Keep it safe

Keep it safe for our Materials Recovery Facility workers and our machines. Keep out anything that could harm our workers or anything that can stop or damage the machines such as:

  • strapping
  • cords
  • clothing
  • hose
  • netting
  • wire
  • building materials
  • chemicals and other hazardous materials


Tip: We accept small problem waste through our Resource Recovery Collection Satchels including household batteries, corks, CDs and DVDs, electrical cords, mobile phones, prescription glasses, printer cartridges, smoke detectors, x-rays and small e-waste such as calculators and handheld games.

Resource Recovery Collection Satchels are free to pick up at your local Council office or library. You can also drop-off household problem waste such as car batteries, fire extinguishers, gas bottles, oil, paint and large e-waste such as computers, laptops and TVs free of charge at the Byron Resource Recovery Centre which is located at 115 The Manse Road, Myocom.

There is a 20kg/20-litre limit after which fees apply.

Frequently asked questions