Our new compost facility


Our mobile aerated floor (MAF) composting facility turns more than 3,000 tonnes of garden waste a year in to a pasteurised garden organics product (mulch).

It's what we like to call super food for your soil.

Buy compost from us

The mulch is available for purchase for $30/cubic metre.

Contact our Resource Recovery Hotline on Tel: 1300 652 625 if you would like to discuss a bulk order.

The Mobile Aerated Floor (MAF) process

MAF technology, was developed in Germany and it aerates the compost through a system of pipes underneath the compost piles.

The MAF technology takes garden waste and turns it into beautiful, rich, mulch in six to eight weeks which is half the amount of time it takes with conventional composting systems. This minimises energy and water use and maximises output per square meter of composting surface.