Bin collection FAQs



Check our waste collection maps to find out if your property is considered urban or rural.

Please complete a Lost/stolen waste bin declaration statement or phone the Resource Recovery Hotline on 1300 652 625


There are several reasons your bin may not have been collected, including:

  • your bin was overfull. The weight limit is 50Kg and the truck cannot lift a bin that is heavier that this.

  • your bin lid was open.

  • your bin was contaminated with items that shouldn’t be in it.

  • your bin was not out.

  • driver error.

Please phone the Resource Recovery Hotline on 1300 652 625 within 24 hours of the missed service to arrange a collection.

Often when a bin is only partially emptied, the waste or recyclables have been compacted. Please take care not to overfill your bins.

Phone the Resource Recovery Hotline on 1300 652 625 to speak to our customer service staff.

Please call the Resource Recovery Hotline on 1300 652 625 to speak to our customer service staff.

No. Your bins remain the property of Council so we offer repair and replacement bins free of charge.

Please phone the Resource Recovery Hotline on 1300 652 625 to arrange a repair or replacement bin.

  • Please put your bins out the night before collection day.

  • Place your bins at least 1 metre apart on the kerbside (not on the road).

  • Please make sure your bins are away from parked cars.

  • Your bins will be collected between 6am and 2pm. Sometimes heavy traffic or a breakdown might mean your bins is collected later in the day.

  • Collections happen as usual on all public holidays.

Council only accepts 100% certified compostable bags in the green organics bin. Please don’t use degradable, biodegradable or plastic bags as they contaminate they don’t break down and they contaminate our organic compost.

Food and garden scraps from the green organics bin are turned into certified organic compost at Lismore City Council’s organics processing facility. This compost is then available for sale, adding valuable nutrients to our regional soils to produce healthy food and gardens.

You can reduce the smell from nappies being in the red landfill bin by:

  • disposing of any solid waste collected in the nappy into the toilet before disposing of the nappy (we understand that sometimes this is not always possible).

  • wrapping dirty nappies tightly in a nappy sack or plastic bag.

  • using a specially designed nappy bin which actually wrap the nappies as they are placed in the bin.

  • using smaller bags that can be closed tightly or double wrapped before placing them in the bin. This will reduce the amount of air circulating around the dirty nappies and reduce the smell.

  • storing the red landfill bin in the shade and out of direct sunlight.

  • making sure your red landfill bin lid closes properly and there are no cracks in the bin sides.

  • using general odour removing products, including cat litter and crystals, bicarbonate of soda and others found in hardware stores and supermarkets.

We don’t currently offer and organics bin service in rural areas.

Most rural residents have the opportunity to/are already home composting, worm farming or feeding food scraps to dogs or chooks. If you are not, now is a good time to start!

We offer subsidised compost bins and worm farms for sale at the Second Hand Shop at the Byron Resource Recovery Centre located on the Manse Road, Myocum.

  • Compost Bins are $47
  • Worm Farms are $70