Keep out soft plastics

Unfortunately, we can no longer accept bags of soft plastics or soft plastics of any kind in the recycling bin.

We need to keep out all soft plastics including plastic bags, even if they:

  • have a recycling symbol
  • are degradable or compostable
  • are another soft plastic packaging including cling wrap, pasta packets, bread bags and biscuit trays.

The three reasons for this are:

  1. There are currently limited markets for soft plastics recycling
  2. They often come loose in the truck and get caught in other recycling streams which causes contamination
  3. They get caught in our MRF machinery which can slow down the sorting process.

Tip: The good news is you can still collect and recycle your soft plastics through supermarket soft plastic recycling programs like REDcycle.

Collection bins are located at participating Coles and Woolworths stores (Byron Bay, Mullumbimby and Ocean Shores).

Even better, avoid plastic altogether by using your own reusable bottles, containers and bags.

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