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You can now pay for parking in Byron Bay on your phone using the PayStay app, wherever the parking sign indicates fees are payable. 

How do I use PayStay?

Park in a PayStay zone

  • open the PayStay app or call 1300 322 111
  • select or enter your vehicle registration.
  • enter the 8 digit parking zone number displayed on the parking signs.  
  • start the Parking Session

Finished parking

  • open the PayStay app or call 1300 322 111
  • stop the Parking Session. 

You must comply with all PayStay Terms of Use (PDF 294KB).

Fees apply when using PayStay app reminders.  To set your preferences and turn off reminders, go to Vehicle & Card Details in the app. Refer to PayStay Fees Guide (PDF 141KB) for more details.

Watch the video for more information

Handy hints for using PayStay

Remember to keep the following in mind:

  • Time restrictions begin when you park the car, not from when you start your PayStay session.
  • If you wish to park for longer than the time on the sign (for example, more than two hours in a ‘2P’ area), you must first move your vehicle to a new parking area.
  • You can elect to receive an SMS reminder when your session is due to expire through the app (note, fees apply).

With PayStay increasing in popularity, here are some handy tips for using it:

  • Parking sessions are only valid if your vehicle registration and zone number are correct. Take a second to check you’ve selected the correct details. Be careful not mix up the letter ‘O’ for a zero in your vehicle registration!
  • If your handset isn’t working, use the parking meter instead.
  • The PayStay app can be used to monitor your parking permits.