Delivery of capital works 2019-20

1. Overview

Council has developed a 10 year capital works program. Prior to each new financial year, a review is undertaken and the program is refined based on new asset condition assessment data, Council resolutions, and community requests. Weather may have also shifted program priorities.

Capital works include new works, renewals and reconstruction of Council assets such as roads, bridges, footpaths and drainage.

 Capital works map legend

2. Capital works projects timeline

The following is an outline of the typical process Council follows to deliver a capital works project:

  1. Scoping
  2. Community consultation
  3. Survey & design (internal or external)
  4. Environmental assessment
  5. Cost estimates
  6. Project approval
  7. Construction (internal or external)
  8. As built survey/asset data capture

Each financial year we have a list of 'design only' projects which are for construction the following year. This ensures we keep ahead of the curve and always have projects shovel-ready for the construction crews.

The planned timing for construction of capital works is dependent on a number of factors including wet and dry seasons, impact on the road work, holiday seasons and events and grant funding conditions.

Capital Works Road Projects for 2019-20

For other Capital works (cycle ways, footpaths and kerb and gutter etc) 

Other Capital Works for 2019-20

3. Funding sources

The sources of funds for capital works are not always the same and may comprise funding from one or more of the following sources:

  • general revenue
  • loans
  • grants
  • S94 developer contributions
  • reserves
  • special rate
  • 2019 /20 Special Rate Variation.

View information about the budget and funding sources for each capital project in 2019 /20 (PDF, 155KB).

This information is updated periodically throughout each financial year, normally after reporting of the Financial Quarterly Review to Council, in March, June, September and December. Other updates are dependent upon specific Council resolutions, for example the awarding of contracts.

Future road projects

We review the capital works program for future financial years annually and it is typically approved in June of each year. The projects for these financial years will only be updated after Council approves its capital works program for the next financial year. 

View the proposed budget for projects 2020/21 to 2022/23(PDF, 52KB)

See Capital Works Planning for 2019/20 (Information coming soon.)