Federal Drive reconstruction


Latest project update

January 2023

  • Tender for the detailed design and rebuild of Federal Drive closes (27 January 2023).

Provided there is a suitable tenderer a report will be presented to the February Council meeting with a recommendation to award the tender.

It is expected that work will start in late March/early April.

It will likely take at least four to six months to complete.

Background to the Federal Drive landslip

In late February 2022 unprecedented rain and flooding in the Byron Shire triggered several large landslips. One of these was on Federal Drive, north of Federal village.

This is a complex landslip, that is still unstable particularly during wet weather.

The steep slope means that it is likely the landslide above and below the road will continue to move, especially if there is rain.

In its current state the area posed a high risk to the public and it is very important that people heed the 'road closed' signs.

The road is closed to vehicles and pedestrians because of a number of hazards including:

  • the potential for the slip to move 
  • the damage to the road 
  • further movement of the slip above and below the road
  • potential for new landslides
  • risk of rock falls, slumps and falling trees.

Consultants with specialist geotechnical expertise have been engaged to design plans for the damaged section of Federal Drive and the stabilisation of the slope. 

It is expected the tender for this job will be issued in late 2022 with work to start as soon as possible after the tender is awarded, most likely in early 2023.

This is a difficult project and Federal Drive is not likely to open again until mid-2023 at the earliest.

A more definitive timeframe for the reopening of Federal Drive will be available once the tender for work has been awarded.


A detour on Kings Road is available. 

There are also detours via Montecollum and Coolamon Scenic Drive.  While these detours are longer, the road surfaces are in better condition than Whian Road.



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