Pothole FAQs

We have prepared answers to the most common questions received about potholes in Byron Shire.

No it’s not, it’s generally a temporary fix.  Unfortunately, the next wet weather event can see the same pothole appear, or more in the same area. Our high rainfall, which gives us an incredible lush landscape, also plays havoc on our roads.

Unfortunately, roads don’t last forever. The older they get, the more susceptible they are to weather elements and wear and tear. Potholes appear in roads due to the surface deteriorating, leading to cracks that allow water to get in and lift the road surface. Once water finds its way under the road base damage occurs and the road surface can fail. Vehicle traffic can also weaken the surface over a number of years. Potholes grow bigger the longer they are left unattended.

When the wet weather has passed and the ground is dry.  Filling a pothole during wet weather can often lead to it recurring during the same wet weather event.

  • Contact our Works Depot on 02 6685 9300 Monday to Friday during work hours
  • In an emergency call our after hours number: 02 6622 7022.

You can also report your issue using our Report It form, take a picture and fill in your details. Always be careful when taking a photo near a roadside, your safety should be your highest priority, not getting an the best shot of the pothole.

During wet weather we get many calls from residents about potholes and our staff inspect and prioritise these road repair requests as quickly as possible. 

When assessing a repair we consider:

  • location
  • size
  • safety concerns
  • upcoming works programs
  • number of vehicles that use the road.