Byron Creek Bridge and Bangalow Road upgrades

Latest news

The 1.2km reconstruction of Bangalow Road from Tinderbox Road to the Byron Creek Bridge is now underway (started early September) and is scheduled for completion by late November.  

  • Traffic will be reduced to a single lane on both the road and the bridge, causing traffic delays between 5 and 10 minutes. 
  • Roadworks will be delivered in stages starting at the Tinderbox Road end of Bangalow Road and moving towards the Byron Creek Bridge. 
  • This road upgrade is being undertaken at the same time as works on the Bangalow Bridge, which are progressing well. Byron Creek Bridge works are due for completion late October.
  • Further roadworks and safety improvements are planned for a further 8kms: from the Byron Creek Bridge in an easterly direction up to the Red Devils Park / Golf Course.  Please note: Council is not resurfacing the entire 8kms.  This is a safety project which means that sections of the 8kms will get improvements including line-marking, signage, road upgrades and curve widening.  This project will take place in the next six to 12 months.  

Map highlighting the Bangalow Road and Byron Creek bridge works

Map highlighting the Bangalow Road and Byron Creek bridge works

About the project

Council is proud to be delivering more than $5 million of works as part of a major overhaul and renewal of Bangalow’s Byron Creek Bridge and Bangalow Road.

When completed in November 2020, weather permitting, these works will deliver a wider, safer, brand-new Byron Creek Bridge and renewal of a one kilometre segment of Bangalow Road in desperate need of repair, as well eight kilometres of safety improvements from the Bridge / Pacific Highway all the way up to the Broken Head Road intersection (Red Devils Park / Golf Course).


The $1.2 million Bangalow Road upgrade directly east of the bridge (1km of road) will take place immediately after the bridge construction. This section of road is currently in very poor condition but carries more than 4,500 vehicles per day. The works will involve reconstruction of the pavement, widening, drainage and safety improvements.

This is a desperately needed road renewal  project possible thanks to $1.2 million from the recent $25 million Byron Shire Tourism Impacts Infrastructure announced by the NSW Government.  


Bangalow Road upgrade – 8kms adjacent to bridge (easterly direction)

An eight kilometre stretch of Bangalow Road will also be treated with safety improvements from the Byron Creek Bridge all the way to Broken Head Road (Red Devils Park / Golf Course), thanks to a $1.9 million grant Council has received under the Transport for NSW Safer Roads Program.

The safety improvement works include signage, line marking, safety barriers and shoulder widening at key locations where there has been a history of crashes.